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The Future of Customer Insight Developments in Retail Banking


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Customer Insight & CRM: Myth or panacea?

Conference Theme :

The Future of Customer Insight Developments in Retail Banking conference brings together, for the first time, the key, often competing, perspective groups involved in development of customer insight, customer relationship management (CRM) and customer value management activities. Each has been heralded as the answer to untold profits, customer loyalty, and competitive supremacy. Unfortunately, no significant success stories have arisen despite huge organisational investment and effort.

Global CRM spend continues. It is predicted to reach US$20billion by 2005 (Aberdeen Group) and is clearly still considered a competitive issue.Yet most organisational executives still understand very little of the capabilities required to reach the promised panacea of CRM. They understand little of the need to consider people skills, processes, technology components, regulatory issues, data constraints and the cultural change organisations require to undergo before an infrastructure capable of supporting customer insight driven activities is likely to be effective and provide an adequate return on investment.

In addition, the presence of analytic teams in organisations focusing on customer behaviour based marketing campaigns remains a luxury for all but the largest organisations. Yet barriers remain to delivering sustainable long-term customer value and loyalty through overly rigid organisational structures, lack of end-to-end customer management processes, and limitations in the techniques used, which originate from research over 40 years old. Moreover, the third party data they require is increasingly becoming less fit for purpose, and tightening regulation is likely to restrict access to behavioural consumer data further.

Some of the questions answered:

  • What are the latest developments in customer behavioural analytics?
  • What's the experience of Customer management strategies across the world?
  • What are the real, practical issues, holding back organisations from making real profits through CRM?
  • What do the solutions developers believe are the obstacles to making CRM solutions work?
  • Where does customer insight stop and regulatory constraints begin?
  • What are the practical barriers to getting the data we need for better customer insight?
  • How do we make customer insight a reality in developing better customer relationships?
  • What are the key organisational issues? People, technology, process or governance?
  • What are the key building blocks to implementing a solution that's likely to succeed?


The Key Industry perspectives presenting:

This conference brings together representatives from organisations operating across the broad spectrum of the Financial Services industry. Delegates will gain a unique insight into the perspectives from:

  • leading academic research: Professor David Hand, a world renowned academic, whose leading edge research into customer behaviour-led strategies has evolved risk based measures into more holistic and relevant "customer quality" based metrics. David will provide insight into where the customer insight world is going;
  • global commercial research: John Radcliffe of Gartner will describe where the FS world currently is, based on latest case study experiences from organisations across the world that have implemented customer insight and CRM solutions. Importantly, John will provide insight into the success factors needed based upon practical experience;
  • the Financial Services sector; Carlos Trascasa of The Boston Consulting Group, will describe current organisational needs and capability gaps in existing approaches, and touch upon the issues faced in moving towards a customer insight led organisation;
  • a leading practitioner view; David Lanc will describe the management challenges of bringing customer-insight led activities into organisational existence, from his experience as a director in one of Europe's largest Cards' businesses;
  • globally recognised solutions providers; Andy Sutton of Oracle will describe how solution providers' developments both shape and are shaped by competing organisations, but whose systems, however powerful, require changes in organisational processes and working practices leverage optimal value;
  • the regulatory world which defines what organisations can and cannot do with consumer data (and the opportunities/limitations arising); Alistair Orr, a partner of Brodies LLP a leading legal practice specialising in the FS sector,will describe the practical, real world constraints within which organisations must develop their customer insight solutions, from money laundering, to DPA and Basel II, which is becoming an increasing and important element in customer management implementations;
  • the data analytic and decisioning software industry which manipulates the consumer data available and develops methods of data evaluation; Andrew Jennings of Scorex will describe the perspective of data analytics providers, and their interaction with data bureaux, upon which many FS organisations depend for their core analysis techniques; and
  • a global consulting organisation's view of how to bring it all together; Lee Brooke-Pearce of IBM will describe the different internal and external perspectives that need to be brought together to help organisations implement customer insight and customer management systems that are fit for purpose and capable of delivering the business case that underpinned them.
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