Edinburgh Castle
BNCOD 2004 - When Data is Key
   21st Annual British National Conference on Databases

Application Track Paper Session - 10:45 - 12:15 8th July 2004

Session Chair

Professor Keith Jeffrey - Rutherford Appleton Laboratories

Paper 1 (Full)

Title - "Creating a Virtual Distributed Database - Data Definition and Search Model for Collaborative Virtual Teams in the Construction Industry"
Authors - Jaspreet Singh Pahwa, Pete Burnap, Liviu Joita, W. Alex Gray, Omer F. Rana and John Miles (UK)

Paper 2 (Full)

Title - "Development of a Decision Support Application for Alignment of Information Systems and Organisational Strategy"
Authors - David Lanc & Lachlan MacKinnon (UK)

Paper 3 (Short)

Title - "Dynamically switchable replication of a distributed transport logistics information system"
Authors - Dirke Budke & Paul Massey (Germany/UK)