Edinburgh Castle
BNCOD 2004 - When Data is Key
   21st Annual British National Conference on Databases


Poster Presentation Session - 14:15 - 15:15 8th July 2004

Poster 1

Title - ""What-If" Analysis with Constraint Databases."
Authors - Lei Dang & Suzanne M.Embury (UK)

Poster 2

Title - "Growing Knowledgeable Nodes to Promote Interoperability in a Peer-to-Peer Network of Heterogeneous XML Data Sources."
Authors - K.Priscott & A.R.Tawil (UK)

Poster 3

Title - "DIGAME: A push-based P2P Database."
Authors - C.Popfinger, C.Perez de Laborda & S.Conrad (Germany)

Poster 4

Title - "Window Size Effect on Subsequence Matching in Time-Series Databases: Problem and Its Solution."
Authors - S.W.Kim (Korea)

Poster 5

Title - "Decision tree classification based on distributed, relational Data Warehouses - An Overview of the REKLAME-Approach."
Authors - H.Tapken (Germany)

Poster 6

Title - "iQL: A Query Language for the Instance-Based Data Model."
Authors - J.Parsons & J.Su (Canada)