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Proceedings of the 9th International Natural Language Generation conference

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pdf bib Front matter pages
pdf bib Summarising News Stories for Children
Iain Macdonald and Advaith Siddharthan
pp. 1–10
pdf bib Discourse-Driven Narrative Generation With Bipartite Planning
David Winer and R. Michael Young
pp. 11–20
pdf bib Generating English from Abstract Meaning Representations
Nima Pourdamghani, Kevin Knight and Ulf Hermjakob
pp. 21–25
pdf bib Generating summaries of hospitalizations: A new metric to assess the complexity of medical terms and their definitions
Sabita Acharya, Barbara Di Eugenio, Andrew D Boyd, Karen Dunn Lopez, Richard Cameron and Gail M Keenan
pp. 26–30
pdf bib Designing Algorithms for Referring with Proper Names
Kees van Deemter
pp. 31–35
pdf bib When to Plummet and When to Soar: Corpus Based Verb Selection for Natural Language Generation
Charese Smiley, Vassilis Plachouras, Frank Schilder, Hiroko Bretz, Jochen Leidner and Dezhao Song
pp. 36–39
pdf bib Sketch-to-Text Generation: Toward Contextual, Creative, and Coherent Composition
Yejin Choi
pp. 40–40
pdf bib Abstractive Compression of Captions with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks
Sander Wubben, Emiel Krahmer, Antal van den Bosch and Suzan Verberne
pp. 41–50
pdf bib Infusing NLU into Automatic Question Generation
Karen Mazidi and Paul Tarau
pp. 51–60
pdf bib Automatic label generation for news comment clusters
Ahmet Aker, Monica Paramita, Emina Kurtic, Adam Funk, Emma Barker, Mark Hepple and Rob Gaizauskas
pp. 61–69
pdf bib Improving Fluency in Narrative Text Generation With Grammatical Transformations and Probabilistic Parsing
Emily Ahn, Fabrizio Morbini and Andrew Gordon
pp. 70–73
pdf bib The Multilingual Affective Soccer Corpus (MASC): Compiling a biased parallel corpus on soccer reportage in English, German and Dutch
Nadine Braun, Martijn Goudbeek and Emiel Krahmer
pp. 74–78
pdf bib Challenges of Argument Mining: Generating an Argument Synthesis based on the Qualia Structure
Patrick Saint-Dizier
pp. 79–83
pdf bib Tense and Aspect in Runyankore Using a Context-Free Grammar
Joan Byamugisha, C. Maria Keet and Brian DeRenzi
pp. 84–88
pdf bib Task demands and individual variation in referring expressions
Adriana Baltaretu and Thiago Castro Ferreira
pp. 89–93
pdf bib Category-Driven Content Selection
Rania Mohammed, Laura Perez-Beltrachini and Claire Gardent
pp. 94–98
pdf bib Evaluative Pattern Extraction for Automated Text Generation
Chia-Chen Lee and Shu-Kai HSIEH
pp. 99–103
pdf bib Statistics-Based Lexical Choice for NLG from Quantitative Information
Xiao Li, Kees van Deemter and Chenghua Lin
pp. 104–108
pdf bib Incremental Generation of Visually Grounded Language in Situated Dialogue (demonstration system)
Yanchao Yu, Arash Eshghi and Oliver Lemon
pp. 109–110
pdf bib Unsupervised Sentence Simplification Using Deep Semantics
Shashi Narayan and Claire Gardent
pp. 111–120
pdf bib Enabling text readability awareness during the micro planning phase of NLG applications
Priscilla Moraes, Kathleen Mccoy and Sandra Carberry
pp. 121–131
pdf bib How can we adapt generation to the user’s cognitive load?
Vera Demberg
pp. 132–132
pdf bib Selecting Domain-Specific Concepts for Question Generation With Lightly-Supervised Methods
Yiping Jin and Phu Le
pp. 133–142
pdf bib Statistical Natural Language Generation from Tabular Non-textual Data
Joy Mahapatra, Sudip Kumar Naskar and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
pp. 143–152
pdf bib Paraphrase Generation from Latent-Variable PCFGs for Semantic Parsing
Shashi Narayan, Siva Reddy and Shay B. Cohen
pp. 153–162
pdf bib The WebNLG Challenge: Generating Text from DBPedia Data
Emilie Colin, Claire Gardent, Yassine Mrabet, Shashi Narayan and Laura Perez-Beltrachini
pp. 163–167
pdf bib The aNALoGuE Challenge: Non Aligned Language GEneration
Jekaterina Novikova and Verena Rieser
pp. 168–170
pdf bib A Challenge Proposal for Narrative Generation Using CNLs
Eugenio Concepción, Gonzalo Méndez, Pablo Gervás and Carlos León
pp. 171–173
pdf bib On the verbalization patterns of part-whole relations in isiZulu
C. Maria Keet and Langa Khumalo
pp. 174–183
pdf bib SimpleNLG-IT: adapting SimpleNLG to Italian
Alessandro Mazzei, Cristina Battaglino and Cristina Bosco
pp. 184–192
pdf bib Don’t Mention the Shoe! A Learning to Rank Approach to Content Selection for Image Description Generation
Josiah Wang and Robert Gaizauskas
pp. 193–202
pdf bib Good Automatic Authentication Question Generation
Simon Woo, Zuyao Li and Jelena Mirkovic
pp. 203–206
pdf bib Automatic Generation of Student Report Cards
Amy Isard and Jeremy Knox
pp. 207–211
pdf bib Collecting Reliable Human Judgements on Machine-Generated Language: The Case of the QG-STEC Data
Keith Godwin and Paul Piwek
pp. 212–216
pdf bib Ranking Automatically Generated Questions Using Common Human Queries
Yllias Chali and Sina Golestanirad
pp. 217–221
pdf bib Towards proper name generation: a corpus analysis
Thiago Castro Ferreira, Sander Wubben and Emiel Krahmer
pp. 222–226
pdf bib An Analysis of the Ability of Statistical Language Models to Capture the Structural Properties of Language
Aneiss Ghodsi and John DeNero
pp. 227–231
pdf bib Enhancing PTB Universal Dependencies for Grammar-Based Surface Realization
David L. King and Michael White
pp. 232–236
pdf bib Effect of Data Annotation, Feature Selection and Model Choice on Spatial Description Generation in French
Anja Belz, Adrian Muscat, Brandon Birmingham, Jessie Levacher, Julie Pain and Adam Quinquenel
pp. 237–241
pdf bib QGASP: a Framework for Question Generation Based on Different Levels of Linguistic Information
Hugo Patinho Rodrigues, Luisa Coheur and Eric Nyberg
pp. 242–243
pdf bib Automatic Reports from Spreadsheets: Data Analysis for the Rest of Us
Pablo Duboue
pp. 244–245
pdf bib Towards Generating Colour Terms for Referents in Photographs: Prefer the Expected or the Unexpected?
Sina Zarrieß and David Schlangen
pp. 246–255
pdf bib Absolute and Relative Properties in Geographic Referring Expressions
Rodrigo de Oliveira, Somayajulu Sripada and Ehud Reiter
pp. 256–264
pdf bib Crowd-sourcing NLG Data: Pictures Elicit Better Data.
Jekaterina Novikova, Oliver Lemon and Verena Rieser
pp. 265–273

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