Program & Papers

Friday, 6 March
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 09:00  Atrium Registration
 09:25   G.07 Welcome by the organisers
 09:30   G.07 Session Chair: Amy Isard
Oral presentations (15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Pablo Gervás: Narrative Discourse as a Target Format for Data to Text Generation
Dimitra Gkatzia, Helen Hastie: An Ensemble method for Content Selection for Data-to-text Systems
Belén A. Baez Miranda, Sybille Caffiau, Catherine Garbay, François Portet: Towards a computational generation of récit: evaluating the perception of the récit plan
 10:30   G.07 Session Chair: Dimitra Gkatzia
Lightning poster talks (1 min each)

Cristina Barros, Elena Lloret: Proposal of a Data-to-text Natural Language Generation Approach to Create Stories for Dyslalic Children
Alejandro Ramos-Soto: Computing with perceptions for the linguistic description of complex phenomena through the analysis of time series data
Hadi Banaee, Amy Loutfi: What I Talk About When I Talk About Data
Diana Bental: MIRADOR: An Early Natural Language Generator from Semantic Web Data
Daniel Braun: Creating Textual Driver Feedback from Telemetric Data
Vinicius Woloszyn, François Portet, Cyril Labbé, Sihem AmerYahia: Content selection through association rules learning and quote extraction for personalised movie review summarisation: A preliminary study
David M. Howcroft, Michael White: Inducing clause-combining operations for natural language generation
Simon Mille, Leo Wanner: Towards large-coverage detailed lexical resources for data-to-text generation
Alberto Bugarín, Alejandro Ramos-Soto, Senen Barro: Approaching uncertainty management in D2T generation using fuzzy sets
Shashi Narayan, Claire Gardent: A Generation Framework for Grammar Development
 10:45  Atrium Coffee break and poster session
 11:45   G.07 Session Chair: Verena Rieser
Invited talk: Prof. Ehud Reiter

Commercialising Data-to-Text
There is more commercial interest in NLG in 2015 than ever before, with numerous companies developing systems and technologies that generate “stories” or “narratives” from numeric or other structured data. I will briefly review some of the companies in the space (including my own, Arria NLG) and then talk about some of the key technical challenges we face in our commercial work, which are in most cases different from what academic researchers focus on.
 11:45  Atrium Lunch break
 14:00   G.07 Session Chair: Claire Gardent
Oral presentations (15 mins + 5 mins questions)

Helen Hastie: Challenges of Military Applications for Data-to-Text Generation
Or Biran, Kathleen McKeown : Generating Justifications of Machine Learning Predictions
Rodrigo de Oliveira: Generating Named Spatial References
 15:00   G.07 Session Chair: Helen Hastie Lightning Poster Talks (1 min each)

Xiao Li, Kees van Deemter, Chenghua Lin: Expressing quantities in words: Towards a computational model
Jérémie Démarchez, Cyril Labbé: Controlled generation of synthetic corpora for NLP evaluation>
Roman Kutlak, Kees van Deemter: Generating Succinct English Text from FOL Formulae
Nguyen Minh Tien, François Portet, Cyril Labbé: Hypertext Summarization for Hotel Review
Laura Perez-Beltrachini, Enrico Franconi, Claire Gardent, X. I. Juarez-Castro: Generating Knowledge Base Queries and Answer Descriptions
Pierre-Luc Vaudry, Guy Lapalme: Causal networks as the backbone for temporal data-to-text
Xiwu Han, Somayajulu Sripada: From Web to Web: A General Approach for Data-to-text Natural Language Generation and One Example
Amy Isard: Natural Language Generation from Cultural Heritage Domains
Verena Rieser and Dimitra Gkatzia: Generation for Things Unknown: Accounting for First-Time Users and Hidden Scenes
 15:15  Atrium Coffee break and poster session
 16:15  Atrium Wrap-up and future plans
 16:30 Blind Poet Social