Call for papers: submissions are now closed

An informal research workshop on referential communication will take place, with the aim of sharing the current developments in the study of reference production and comprehension in different scientific disciplines.
We invite submissions on all topics related to reference production/comprehension. Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

-- social and contextual factors influencing reference production and comprehension
-- cooperativeness and perspective-taking in reference production and comprehension
-- interaction between comprehension and production of referring expressions
-- the role of visual context in the production/comprehension of referring expressions
-- psychologically plausible computational models of reference production and comprehension
-- referential communication in interactive settings
-- referential communication in children
-- complex descriptions (e.g., quantified descriptions, relational descriptions)
-- the use of vague predicates in referring expressions
-- referential over- and underspecification
-- realisation of referring expressions (including prosody, gesture, eye gaze)
-- data-collection and experimental evaluation methods
-- the formal semantics and pragmatics of reference

Invited Speakers

-- Michael K. Tanenhaus, University of Rochester
-- Kees van Deemter, University of Aberdeen

Abstract Submission

Selection of posters and oral presentations will be based on 500-1000 word abstracts including references. Abstracts, in PDF format, should be submitted via the workshop website. Each abstract will be reviewed anonymously, so please include a title but not authors. Revised versions of accepted abstracts will be posted on the RefNet page. There will be no printed proceedings.

Important Dates

-- Monday 28th April: Submission open
-- Monday 16th 23rd June: Submission deadline
-- Mid-July: Notifications of acceptance
-- Sunday 31st August: the workshop

Programme Committee

Ellen Gurman Bard, Holly Branigan, Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Arash Eshghi, Kumiko Fukumura, Simon Garrod, Albert Gatt, Markus Guhe, Pat Healey, William S. Horton, Julian Hough, Christine Howes, Srinivasan Janarthanam, Emiel Krahmer, Danielle Matthews, Gregory Mills, Paul Piwek, Ehud Reiter, Matthew Stone, Marc Swerts, Kees Van Deemter, Roger Van Gompel [further members to be announced]

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