On the 31st of August 2014, the RefNet Workshop on Psychological and Computational Models of Reference Comprehension and Production will take place in Edinburgh, co-located with RO-MAN, SemDial/DialWatt, and AMLaP. The workshop immediately follows the RefNet Summer School, with a similar theme; summer school attendees are especially encouraged to apply.

The 2014 RefNet Workshop aims to bring together current developments in the study of production and comprehension of referring expressions in different scientific disciplines such as psychology, computer science and linguistics. This is a follow up to three successful earlier workshops, PRE-CogSci 2009, PRE-CogSci 2011 and PRE-CogSci 2013, with the same overall theme, which lead to a special issue in the Topics in Cognitive Science journal and a special issue in the journal Language and Cognitive Processes.

All of this suggests that there is plenty of scope for cross-disciplinary research on reference, and this year's RefNet Workshop aims to further contribute to this. This workshop is similar to the first three in its general topic and overall structure (mixing externally reviewed oral and poster presentations with invited presentations). For more information on specific topics see the Call for Papers.

The Workshop is funded by, and organised as part of the EPSRC RefNet Research Network: An Interdisciplinary Network Focussing on Reference (Bard and van Deemter, 2012-2015), whom we gratefully acknowledge.

Organisers: Arash Eshghi (, Kumiko Fukumura (, Srini Janarthanam. Feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

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