Contributed Presentation and Mini-symposium Talk Submission Form

Note: This form is rather long! You may find it useful to read and print out the instructions on submitting a contributed presentation or a mini-symposium talk before filling in this form.

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Surname (may include TeX code)
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If you are submitting a Contributed Presentation, please indicate at least one but not more than three subjects from the list below (in order of preference). Leave blank if submitting a Mini-Symposium talk.

ICIAM 99 Subject Classification

1. Real and Complex Analysis
2. Functional Analysis and Operator Theory
3. Ordinary Differential Equations
4. Dynamical Systems
5. Partial Differential Equations
6. Inverse Problems
7. Asymptotics
8. Applied Probability and Statistics
9. Control and Systems Theory
10. Optimization
11. Discrete Mathematics
12. Numerical Linear Algebra
13. Numerical Analysis
14. Numerical Methods in Differential Equations
15. Computer Science
16. Linear and Nonlinear Programming
17. Solid Mechanics
18. Fluid Mechanics
19. Heat Transfer and Combustion Theory
20. Material Science
21. Electromagnetics and Semiconductors
22. Geophysical and Oil Sciences
23. Atmospheric, Oceanographic, Environmental and Climate Science
24. Mathematics In Industry, Modelling of Industrial Processes
25. Medicine and Biology
26. Economic Modelling
27. Financial Mathematics, Insurance, Investment and Banking
28. Computational Mathematics
29. Computational Solid Mechanics
30. Computational Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
31. Simulation, Cellular Automata and Neural Networks
32. Geometric Modelling, Design, and Computation
33. Signal and Image Analysis
34. Cryptography, Coding and Computer Security
35. General Issues (Mathematics and Education, History of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Academia and Industry Relations, Mathematics and Government)
Abstract (may include TeX code)

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