Mini-symposia Guidelines

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What is a Mini-symposium?

A mini-symposium is a session of 3-5 speakers focusing on a single topic and lasting for two hours. The organiser of a mini-symposium invites the speakers and decides on the topics to be addressed. In conducting the mini-symposium, the session organiser should provide an overview of the mini-symposium, introduce the speakers, and provide an opportunity for discussion among the speakers and the audience. The organiser may also be the chair and one of the speakers.

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Organising a Mini-symposium

Those interested in organising a mini-symposium should submit a proposal to the conference programme committee by no later than 30th September 1998. Organisers will select the topics to be addressed, obtain speakers for those topics, decide with each speaker on the title of his/her presentation, and provide other information as needed.

Organisers are especially encouraged to include speakers from more than one country and from underrepresented groups, including women and minorities, whenever appropriate.

ICIAM 99 and the conference organising committee will not reimburse either organisers or speakers for their expenses, including the conference fee. Therefore, organisers should make no financial commitments on behalf of ICIAM 99 to speakers when organising their mini-symposium.

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Preparation of the Proposal

The Mini-symposium Organiser should provide the following information:

If you wish to organise a bigger mini-symposium (with more than five speakers) please submit multiple proposals distinguishing titles by roman I, II, etc. It is sufficient to give the summary only once.

We strongly advise all organisers and speakers to fill in the electronic Pre-registration Form, so we can keep you informed about future developments.

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Submission of the Proposal

If you wish to organise a mini-symposium, you have to submit a mini-symposium proposal form to ICIAM 99. There are three ways of submitting the form (via Web, via e-mail, or by mail/fax); we strongly encourage you to use the first or second electronic methods.

Submission via Web

Please use the electronic Mini-simposium Submission form; click on the address above to go straight to the form. See also the note on the use of TeX below.

Submission via e-mail

You can submit the proposal by completing the template and sending it by e-mail to edin99@ma.hw.ac.uk. The template file, together with full instructions and examples is available via the web (click on the link above) or by anonymous ftp from ftp://ftp.ma.hw.ac.uk as the file mspemail.all in the subdirectory pub/iciam99

Submission by mail/fax

Please use this method if and only if you do not have an Internet/e-mail access!

A printed form is available by writing/faxing/emailing

ICIAM'99 Local Organising Group 
Department of Mathematics
Heriot-Watt University
Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS

fax +44 (0)131 451 3249

The completed form should be returned by mail or fax to the same address.

Note on the use of TeX

If you submit your proposal electronically via Web or e-mail, you may use TeX code to indicate exact typesetting of your name, affiliation or summary. Please use only simple LaTeX commands. Please avoid additional definitions, redefinitions, use of unusual styles, bibliographic commands and displayed maths. Please do not include any preamble commands in the text of your summary - they will be added automatically. Note that we will try to publish your summary exactly as you submitted it, so please check carefully for errors/misprints.

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What happens after you submit a proposal?

Shortly after submitting a proposal, you should receive an acknowledgement which will include the reference number of your proposal - please take a note of it and quote it in all future correspondence. You should then ask your speakers to submit abstracts of their individual talks (also quoting the proposal reference number); see the instructions on a separate page. We will be sending formal notifications of acceptance of mini-symposium proposals throughout 1998.

The deadline date for mini-symposium proposals is 30th September 1998.

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