Communication in Emergency Management through Data Integration and Trust


CEM-DIT is about getting information about the state of a disaster to people who have to make decisions on disaster response, in a way that allows them to understand and trust that information.

The aim of the project is: To provide and automated system to support decision makers during emergency responses by providing item with the information they need in a timely and usable fashion.

This a complex problem and there are lots of angles to consider. CEM-DIT is particularly interested in the following two questions:

1) How do we create a common picture from a large number of data sources that use different terminology, structure, organisation and formats?

2) How can decision makers be sure of the quality and reliability of the information that they receive?

The first problem is addressed through dynamic data integration and matching using the CHAIn system and the second through provenance using the ProvABS system.

The hypothesis of the project is: It is possible tointegrate matching technology with provenance-aware securityin order to allow fast, effective querying of mismatched data sources, and to annotate the response such that thequerier is able to understand its quality and meaning.

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