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Workshop on Culturally Motivated Virtual Characters



CMVC. 2011

In present day world, there is an increased interaction between people belonging to different cultures. On one hand these encounters can be useful for bringing cultures closer, but also have the potential of causing unfortunate misunderstandings, which can escalate to all out conflicts.  Hofstede defines culture as “forms of things in mind and their mental models of perceiving and interpreting them”, Virtual characters can be used to enhance cultural understanding by making them culturally aware, In order to do this we can promote cultural influence to cognitive processes of perception, planning and the ability to react in a virtual world. In doing so the relationship between emotions and cultures is of significant importance. Theories related to emotional modulation, cultural differences and personality become the basis of modelling such virtual characters. This gives rise to number of issues to be looked at, e.g. how to model intelligent virtual characters so that they are culturally aware, making the interaction with these characters culturally motivated and to evaluate  what are the effects of using cultures in virtual characters.