Department of Computer Science, Heriot-Watt University

History of the 2010s

January 2010

Re-introduction of SFC cap on Home/EU student numbers in STEMM subjects increases pressure to recruit Overseas students.

February 2010

BCS Accreditation visit, submission led by Dr Andrew Ireland.
Included first CITP accreditations for all submitted programmes and first IEng accreditation for Information Systems programme.

September 2013

The appointment of Alasdair Gray as a lecturer closed some historic circles; his father, Alex Gray, had taught Computer Science to Nick Taylor (Head 2008-2014) at University College Cardiff and his grandfather, William Gray, had taught Mathematics to Alex Balfour (first Head 1967-1979) at Portobello High School.

December 2014

REF 2014 (research quality assessment) result -
Equal 1st in UK for Environment (based on 4*+3* percentage of 100%)
Equal 1st in UK for Impact (based on 4*+3* percentage of 100%)
3rd in Scotland for Power (23rd in UK)
4th in Scotland for QI (26th in UK)
28th in UK for GPA (up from 40th in 2008)
Submission led by Prof Dave Corne and Prof Nick Taylor.

February 2015

BCS Accreditation visit, submission led by Dr Albert Burger.
Included award of first Euro-Inf for all submitted programmes (Euro-Inf Bachelor or Euro-Inf Master), maximum accreditation for Information Systems programme and first accreditations in Dubai (UG Computer Systems programme, PG Computer Systems Management programme).