Heriot-Watt University
MSc Artificial Intelligence (2 years)
Department of Computer Science
Queensferry Crossing, Edinburgh

MSc in Artificial Intelligence (2 years) icon

This extended full-time postgraduate degree enables an honours graduate to obtain an MSc Artificial Intelligence over 2 years. The first year's study imparts the knowledge and skills needed to do Masters level study in AI in the second year.

Students acquire the understanding and skills to develop intelligent software applications, such as those involving evolutionary computation and learning. It imparts knowledge and expertise in data mining, machine learning and human machine interaction.

The F2Z4 MSc programme starts in mid September. Admission requires a good honours degree in a numerate subject area and an ability to write computer programs. Non-native English speakers require IELTS 6.0 with no part less than 5.5.

In the first year students take 4 courses each in semesters 1 and 2 and must take courses in bold. Students below IELTS 6.5 level on entry are asked to take the 2 English course options C69RP and C69RQ.

Year 1

Semester 1
F29AI AI and Intelligent Agents
F21DF Database and Information Systems
F27ID Introduction to Interaction Design
C69RP Research Preparation in English I
F21SF Software Engineering Foundations
F21SA Statistical Modelling and Analysis
Semester 2
F20AD Advanced Interaction Design
F21AS Advanced Software Engineering
F29OC Operating Systems and Concurrency
C11PA Project Management
C69RQ Research Preparation in English II
F21SM Software Engineering Master Class

Progress to year 2 of the MSc AI depends on students gaining an 8 course average of 50%, no course below level D (40%+) and grades C (50%+) on F29AI and F21SF. Students who don't continue, who have passed 8 courses at grades E+ with a 40% average, may exit with a Graduate Certificate in Computer Science.

Students progressing on the MSc AI to the second year take 4 courses each in semesters 1 and 2 and must take courses in bold:

Year 2

Semester 1
F21GA 3D Graphics and Animation
F21BC Biologically Inspired Computation
F21DL Data Mining and Machine Learning
F21HR Human Robot Interaction
F21SC Industrial Programming
F21RO Intelligent Robotics
Semester 2
F21BD Big Data Management
F21GP Computer Games Programming
F21CA Conversational Agents and Spoken Language Processing
F21DV Data Visualisation and Analytics
F20EC e-Commerce Technology
F21RP Research Methods and Project Planning

After semester 2, students work full-time on the MSc project F21MP until the MSc ends in August.

2018/19 MSc Fees
YearUK and EUOverseas
1£5 360£12 800
2£5 360£18 680

Various schemes are available for financing study on this programme. Applications are made to the programme Admissions Officer at the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Programme Requirements

To qualify for an MSc in AI, students must successfully complete 8 lectured courses at the appropriate level in the second year. The assessment of these courses is by examination and course work.

MSc students must also complete the project course F21MP at MSc level.

Further Information

For further information on the programme or to arrange a visit to the Department contact the admissions officer.

The Department reserves the right to modify the list of courses and may not run every course every year. It may not be possible to take all combinations of courses, students must satisfy the prerequisites of any courses and any course choice must be made in consultation with the programme director.