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0001A motivation for Education based Research: Factors Affecting Student Learning of the Unified Modelling LanguagePauline Wilcox2003-10-15HWISE
0002Towards Automated Change Propagation; the value of traceabilityMJ Smith, RG Dewar, K Kowalczykiewicz, D Weiss2003-10-01HWISE
0003Effective Communication of Scenarios of UsagePauline Wilcox2003-10-15HWISE
0004People Create Software for People: A manifesto for Software Engineering research Rob Pooley, Lachlan MacKinnon, Pauline Wilcox, Rick Dewar2003-10-20HWISE
0005Experiences Applying Communication & Information Technology ResourcesPauline Wilcox2003-11-14HWISE
0006Event-Driven MetricsC.R. Russell, M.J. Smith, A.D. Smith, R.G. Dewar, P.A. Wilcox, L.M. MacKinnon, R.J. Pooley2003-11-20HWISE
0007XML Encoded Reverse Engineering of Java to UMLC.R. Russell, R.G. Dewar2003-11-20HWISE
0008Object-Oriented Software Design Metrics from XMIT. Paterson, C.R. Russell, R.G. Dewar2003-11-20HWISE
0009The Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Automatic Modulation RecognitionAlexander Iversen2003-12-16ISL
0010Automation for Exception Freedom ProofsBill J. Ellis, Andrew Ireland2004-01-12DSG
0011Invariant Patterns for Program ReasoningAndrew Ireland, Bill J. Ellis, Tommy Ingulfsen2004-01-12DSG
0012Type Inference with Expansion Variables and Intersection Types in System E and an Exact Correspondence with Beta-ReductionSebastien Carlier, J.B. Wells2004-01-19ULTRA
0013Type Inference for PolyAHenning Makholm, J.B. Wells2004-01-16ULTRA
0014An Integration of Program Analysis and Automated Theorem ProvingBill J. Ellis, Andrew Ireland2004-01-27DSG
0015PolyA: True Type Polymorphism for Mobile AmbientsTorben Amtoft, Henning Makholm, J.B. Wells2004-02-17ULTRA
0016Classification of Digital Modulation Schemes Using Multi-Layered PerceptionsAlexander Iversen2004-02-20ISL
0017Detection and Resolution of Data Inconsistencies, and Data Integration using Information Quality CriteriaMaria del Pilar Angeles2004-06-08Databases and Knowledge Based Systems
0018The Relational Grid Monitoring Architecture: Mediating Information about the GridAndy Cooke, Alasdair Gray, Werner Nutt, James Magowan, Manfred Oevers, Paul Taylor, Roney Cordenonsi, Rob Byrom, Linda Cornwall, Abdeslem Djaoui, Laurence Field, Steve Fisher, Steve Hicks, Jason Leake, Robin Middleton, Antony Wilson, Xiaomei Zhu, Norbert Podhorszki, Brian Coghlan, Stuart Kenny, David O'Callaghan, John Ryan2004-06-11Databases
0019Data Integration Techniques in Grid MonitoringAndy Cooke, Alasdair J G Gray, Werner Nutt2004-06-10Databases
0020How do joint image statistics change with illumination?Ondrej Drbohlav, Mike Chantler2004-08-11Vision
0021Tool Integration in Software Engineering: The State of the Art in 2004Mike Wicks2004-09-01HWISE
0022Instant Polymorphic Type Systems for Mobile Process Calculi: Just Add Reduction Rules and Close Henning Makholm, J.B. Wells2004-11-05ULTRA
0023Requirements Capture in Natural Language Problem StatementsKe Li, R.G. Dewar, R.J. Pooley2004-10-25HWISE
0024A Technical Report "Off the Record": Using Alternative Data Models to increase Data Density in Data Warehouse Environments.Victor Gonzalez-Castro, Lachlan MacKinnon2004-11-01Databases
0025A Practical Perspective on the Verifying Compiler ProposalAndrew Ireland2004-11-01Dependable Systems
0026Combining Proof Plans with Partial Order Planning for Imperative Program SynthesisAndrew Ireland, Jamie Stark2004-11-11Dependable Systems
0027An Integrated Approach to High Integrity Software VerificationAndrew Ireland, Bill Ellis, Andrew Cook, Roderick Chapman, Janet Barnes2004-12-01Dependable Systems
0028Semantics of Stream Operators for Continuous Queries Over Distributed Data Streams Lisha Ma2005-01-21Databases
0029Expansion: the Crucial Mechanism for Type Inference with Intersection Types: Survey and ExplanationSebastien Carlier, J.B. Wells2005-03-18ULTRA
0030Type Inference and Principal Typings for Symmetric Record Concatenation and Mixin ModulesHenning Makholm, J.B. Wells2005-03-29ULTRA
0031Republishers in a Publish/Subscribe Architecture for Data Streams Alasdair J G Gray, Werner Nutt2005-04-21Databases
0032Model Checking Hw-HumeGudmund Grov, Andrew Ireland, Greg Michaelson2005-10-27Dependable Systems
0033Object-Oriented Analysis Using Natural Language ProcessingK Li, R G Dewar, R J Pooley2005-10-28HWISE
0034Managing Software Engineering Artefact MetadataR G Dewar2005-10-28Dependable Systems
0035A mean-shift tracker: implementations in C++ and HumeIain Wallace2005-10-28
0036A Software Engineering SurveyMichael Wicks2005-10-28Dependable Systems
0037Verifying Temporal Properties in HW-HumeGudmund Grov, Andrew Ireland, Greg Michaelson, Kevin Hammond (St. Andrews)2006-02-08Dependable Systems
0038On the Power of Deterministic and Sequential Communicating P SystemsLudek Cienciala, Lucie Ciencialova, Pierluigi Frisco, Petr Sosik2006-06-20Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0039Towards Automatic Assertion Refinement for Separation LogicAndrew Ireland2006-06-16Dependable Systems
0040Performance Analysis Of Real-Time Embedded SystemsBenjamin Gorry, Andrew Ireland, Peter King2006-08-17DSG
0041Tool Integration within Software Engineering Environments: An Annotated Bibliography Michael Wicks2006-08-15Dependable Systems
0042Condensative Stream Query Language for Data StreamsLisha Ma, Hamish Taylor2006-08-15Databases
0043Experiences with Online Programming ExaminationsMonica Farrow, Peter King2006-10-02DSG
0044On s-sum vectors - version 1Pierluigi Frisco2006-11-03Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0045Nominal AlgebraMurdoch J. Gabbay, Aad Mathijssen2006-12-21ULTRA
0046On Hume SchedulingGudmund Grov, Robert Pointon, Greg Michaelson, Andrew Ireland2007-01-26DSG
0047An Hierarchy of Recognising Computational ProcessesPierluigi Frisco2007-02-12Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0048On s-sum vectors - version 2Pierluigi Frisco2007-02-19Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0049MAGIK-I Report: April - July 2004Andy Cooke2007-03-16Databases
0050Answering Queries over Incomplete Data Stream HistoriesAlasdair J. G. Gray, Werner Nutt, M. Howard Williams2007-03-16Databases
0051Cost-Driven Autonomous MobilityXiao Yan Deng, Greg Michaelson, Phil Trinder2007-05-30DSG
0052A Formal Account of Hume SchedulingGudmund Grov2007-06-18DSG
0053Capture-Avoiding Substitution as a Nominal AlgebraMurdoch J Gabbay, Aad Mathijssen2007-08-30ULTRA
0054Preserving Coordination Properties when Transforming Concurrent System ComponentsGudmund Grov, Robert Pointon, Greg Michaelson, Andrew Ireland2007-10-26Dependable Systems Group
0055Nominal Algebra and the HSP TheoremMurdoch J. Gabbay, Aad Mathijssen2007-11-05Dependable Systems Group
0056Nominal Renaming SetsMurdoch J. Gabbay2007-12-20Dependable Systems Group
0057A Hierarchy of Computational ProcessesPierluigi Frisco2008-04-07Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0058On s-sum VectorsPierluigi Frisco2008-04-07Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0059Pre-proceedings of the 9th Edition of the Workshop on Membrane ComputingP Frisco, D W Corne, G Paun2008-06-11
0060Towards a Reference Model for M-Commerce over Ad Hoc Wireless NetworksHusna Osman, Hamish Taylor2008-09-29Databases
0061On Stateless Multihead Finite Automata and Multihead Pushdown AutomataPierluigi Frisco, Oscar H Ibarra2008-10-13Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0062Permissive nominal terms and their unificationGilles Dowek, Murdoch J Gabbay, Dominic P Mulligan2009-02-27Dependable Systems Group
0063Sealife EvaluationGus Ferguson, Kenneth McLeod, Karen Sutherland, Albert Burger2009-03-24BISEL
0064On languages accepted by P/T systems composed by joinPierluigi Frisco2009-03-20ISL
0065Simulation Modelling of Autonomous Mobile Programs on a LAN.N Chechina, P.J.B. King, P.W. Trinder, R.J. Pooley2009-04-09DSG
0066On languages accepted by P/T systems composed by joinPierluigi Frisco, Oscar H. Ibarra2009-04-16ISL
0067The Expressiveness of Poly*, a Generic Process Calculus Type System Jan Jakubuv, J.B Wells2009-05-15ULTRA
0068Low Pain vs No Pain Multi-core HaskellsM. KH. Aswad, P. W. Trinder, A. D. AlZain, G. J. Michaelson, J. Berthold2009-06-09DSG Group
0069The Expressiveness of Generic Process Shape Types Jan Jakubuv, J.B. Wells2009-07-30ULTRA
0070Greedy Effect in Autonomous Mobility: Complete Experimental Investigation and Theoretical Analysis. Natalia Chechina, Peter King, Rob Pooley, Phil Trinder2009-08-21DSG
0071DeletedJ. B. Wells, Vincent Rahli, Fairouz Kamareddine2010-08-03
0072Title: Reducing Redundant Autonomous Mobile Program Movements by Negotiation.Natalia Chechina, Peter King, Phil Trinder2010-06-10DSG
0073Complete Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Greedy Effects in Autonomous Mobility. Natalia Chechina, Peter King, Phil Trinder2010-06-10
0074Dynamics of Randomly Constructed Computational SystemsMiguel A. Pena, Pierluigi Frisco2010-04-13Intelligent Systems Laboratory
0075Solving the Hamiltonian Path Problem Using Viral DNA and BacteriaPierluigi Frisco, Peter Cook, Paul A. Hoskisson2010-04-27Intelligent Systems
0076Automatic Guidance for Refinement Based Formal MethodsMaria Teresa Llano, Gudmund Grov, Andrew Ireland2011-02-24DSG
0077An Observation on Support and Freshness in Nominal SetsMurdoch J. Gabbay2010-05-20DSG
0078Reasoned Modelling Critics: Turning Failed Proofs into Modelling GuidanceAndrew Ireland, Gudmund Grov, Maria Teresa Llano, Michael Butler2010-06-10DSG
0079A constraint system for a SML type error slicerVincent Rahli, J. B. Wells, Fairouz Kamareddine2010-08-19ULTRA
0080Identity Support in a Security and Trust Service for Ad Hoc M-Commerce Trading SystemsHusna Osman, Hamish Taylor2010-10-19DSG
0081Design of a Reputation System for M-Commerce by Ad Hoc NetworkingHusna Osman, Hamish Taylor2010-12-17DSG
0082A Network Model with Structured NodesPierluigi Frisco2011-01-18Intelligent Systems
0086Architecture Aware Parallel Programming in Glasgow Parallel Haskell (GPH)M.KH Aswad, P.W. Trinder, H.W. Loidl2011-04-04DSG
0087Verification and Synthesis of Functional Correctness of Pointer ProgramsEwen Maclean, Andrew Ireland, Gudmund Grov2011-04-12DSG
0088Towards an understanding of the creative process of classroom based computer game designJudy Robertson2011-04-15Visage
0089Promoting Self Directed Learning Skills in First Year StudentsJudy Robertson2011-04-18Visage
0090Mutation in Linked Data StructuresEwen Maclean, Andrew Ireland2011-07-05DSG
0091Implementing a High-level Distributed-Memory Parallel Haskell in HaskellPatrick Maier, Phil Trinder2011-12-01DSG
0092Refinement Plans for Informed Formal DesignGudmund Grov, Andrew Ireland, Maria Teresa Llano2012-02-10DSG
0093Discovery of Invariants through Automated Theory FormationMaria Teresa Llano, Andrew Ireland, Alison Pease2012-02-10DSG
0094Evolution Program for Network ModelXenos Alexandros Orestis2012-04-18ISL
0096Comparing Fork/Join and MapReduceRobert Stewart, Jeremy Singer2012-08-28DSG
0097Contributions of the 4th International Workshop on Invariant Generation (WING 2012)Gudmund Grov, Thomas Wies2012-09-19DSG
0098Scalable Persistent Storage for Erlang Theory and PracticeAmir Ghaffari, Natalia Chechina, Phil Trinder2013-06-06DSG
0099Critical Analysis of Parallel Functional ProfilersMajed Al Saeed, Phil Trinder, Patrick Maier2013-06-11DSG
0100Contributions to AI4FM 2013Gudmund Grov, Ewen Maclean, Leo Freitas2013-08-01DSG
0101A Framework for the Box CalculusKonstantin Devyatov, Gudmund Grov, Greg Michaelson2013-09-20DSG
0102HPC-GAP Case Study: Finding Matrices of Invariant Bilinear Forms in the Representation Theory of Hecke AlgebrasPatrick Maier2013-10-25DSG
0103A Survey of High-Level Parallel Programming ModelsEvgenij Belikov, Pantazis Deligiannis, Prabhat Totoo, Malak Aljabri, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl2013-12-16DSG
0104The Rich Community Paradigm: A New Approach to Communities and (Social) NetworksFraser Blackmun2014-05-01DSG
0105Contribution of the AI4FM 2014 WorkshopGudmund Grov, Leo Freitas, Iain Whiteside2014-05-07DSG
0106A Programming and Performance Comparison of OpenMP and MPI for Concordance BenchmarkMalak Aljabri, Phil Trinder2013-04-24DSG
0107An Enhanced GUI for the Tinker toolPierre Le Bras (with contributions from Gudmund Grov and Yuhui Lin)2014-09-24DSG
0108A Framework for Automating Design Level Exploration within the Rodin ToolsetPeter Kovacs (with contributions from Gudmund Grov and Andrew Ireland)2014-10-10DSG
0109Pre-proceedings of the 15th International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical SystemsGudmund Grov and Andrew Ireland (Editors)2015-08-24DSG
0110An Investigation of the Effect of Partial Card Sorting on Sorter Satisfaction with a Consensus ClusteringDavid A Robb and Mike J Chantler2015-08-20Vision
0111Well Sorted Meeting Owner's Workshop (11/08/15)Mike J Chantler and Thomas S Methven2015-12-03Vision
0112Hitchhiker's Guide to GUM HackingEvgenij Belikov2015-12-18DSG
0113UML Profile: Use Case Specification for SysMLRajiv Murali and Andrew Ireland2017-11-28DSG
0114UsecaseProRajiv Murali and Andrew Ireland2017-11-28DSG
0115Model-to-Model Transformation: Use Case Specification to InteractionRajiv Murali and Andrew Ireland2017-11-29DSG
0116Model-to-Model Transformation: Use Case Specification to Event-BRajiv Murali and Andrew Ireland2017-11-29DSG
0117Interlock SystemRajiv Murali and Andrew Ireland2017-11-29DSG
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