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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0021

TitleTool Integration in Software Engineering: The State of the Art in 2004
AuthorsMike Wicks
AbstractThe aim of this paper is to identify and investigate previous research in the area of software engineering environments, and how tools are integrated to form such a facility, with the goal of identifying future research questions. The paper consists of an explanation of the method used to identify papers, with each placed in a candidate category. Each of the seven categories is examined in turn, with each paper in each category then reviewed, with any possible arising research questions identified by the author of this paper included. Also included in this review is a section that discusses additional material being papers that have been referenced more than once. The paper concludes by making summing up all the suggestions for further research that were identified in the reviewing of particular papers. Full references and a glossary of commonly used terms completes the paper.


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