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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0024

TitleA Technical Report "Off the Record": Using Alternative Data Models to increase Data Density in Data Warehouse Environments.
AuthorsVictor Gonzalez-Castro, Lachlan MacKinnon
AbstractIn Data Warehouse environments data sparsity is a common issue. In the past few years a number of different techniques have been proposed to tackle this issue, but it remains an unresolved problem. The majority of the techniques developed to date to tackle this problem have been based on the relational model. At the same time other research has focused on alternative data models that abandon the traditional record storage/manipulation structure. We are investigating the use of alternative data models (Triple Store, Binary Relational, Associative, Transrelational(TM)) to increase the internal data density in Data Warehouses, with the intention of reducing the data sparsity and thereby decreasing the final size of the database.


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