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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0034

TitleManaging Software Engineering Artefact Metadata
AuthorsR G Dewar
AbstractThis article describes a proposed P2P-based environment called SESAME to manage semantically enhanced artefacts from the software engineering domain. We argue that such artefacts, for instance code, models and documents, are not currently semantically enhanced (a state we call premantic) and that there are few tools that could manage and use such metadata to derive some added value for searching, sharing and organisation. Yet, semantic-based services can aid resource discovery and provide advanced information management. These services depend on the quality of metadata extracted, however, to manually provide this metadata is an expensive process. Current tools that automatically acquire, process and relate semantics to content are limited. Therefore, the SESAME project will develop an open architecture and toolset to manage the elicitation and configuration of artefact semantics; specifically in the domain of software engineering.
GroupDependable Systems


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