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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0038

TitleOn the Power of Deterministic and Sequential Communicating P Systems
AuthorsLudek Cienciala, Lucie Ciencialova, Pierluigi Frisco, Petr Sosík
AbstractWe characterize the computational power of several restricted variants of communicating P systems.We show that 2-deterministic communicating P systems with 2 membranes, working in either minimally or maximally parallel mode, are computationally universal. Considering the sequential mode, 2 membranes are shown to characterize the power of partially blind multicounter machines. Next, a characterization of the power of 1-deterministic communicating P systems is given. Finally, we show that the non-deterministic variant in maximally parallel mode is universal already with 1 membrane.
GroupIntelligent Systems Laboratory


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