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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0040

TitlePerformance Analysis Of Real-Time Embedded Systems
AuthorsBenjamin Gorry, Andrew Ireland, Peter King
AbstractVerification of real-time software systems can often prove to be expensive in terms of time and resources. Testing is the main method of proving correctness but has been shown to be a long and time consuming process. Performance modelling techniques allow systems to be evaluated for timing correctness. Everyday engineers are usually unwilling to adopt formal approaches to correctness because of the overhead associated with developing their knowledge of such techniques. This report discusses an approach which mechanises the extraction of performance models from programs written in an annotated subset of ANSI-C. By placing annotations at the source code level, performance models in the language CSPL (C-based Stochastic Petri net Language) can be extracted from the source code and analysed for performance. The real-time values for these models are gathered using a timing analysis technique based on the actual system hardware and software. The analysis which can be performed on these models is illustrated via a series of examples.


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