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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0065

TitleSimulation Modelling of Autonomous Mobile Programs on a LAN.
AuthorsN Chechina, P.J.B. King, P.W. Trinder, R.J. Pooley
AbstractAutonomous mobile programs (AMPs) have been proposed for load management in dynamic networks. An AMP is aware of its resource needs and periodically seeks a better location in the network to reduce execution time. AMPs have previously been measured on using a mobile Java on local area networks (LANs). We have constructed a simulation model of AMPs and reproduced the results of the real experiments with AMPs on LANs. The results show that simulated collections of AMPs obtain similar balanced states as those reached in the real experiments, and have only minor differences from real experimental results. This gives us confidence to apply the simulation model for further investigation of AMP behaviour, including behaviours on wide area networks.


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