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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0080

TitleIdentity Support in a Security and Trust Service for Ad Hoc M-Commerce Trading Systems
AuthorsHusna Osman, Hamish Taylor
AbstractAd hoc m-commerce is an emerging way of conducting online trading wirelessly within dynamic network communities. However, it requires its security and trust issues be properly understood and addressed in order to create sufficient confidence among traders to participate in its transactions. Participants of such trading systems are vulnerable to attacks on identity such as spoofing and whitewashing as well as to fraudulent and unfair trading practices. As security and trust are essential factors in the realization of ad hoc m-commerce, this paper addresses the most common threats and attacks that might have significant effects on the security of such trading systems. In tune with the dynamic nature of ad hoc wireless networks and the social characteristics of ad hoc m-commerce, a scheme for identity support is presented that employs a public key cryptographic mechanism in a fully self-organised manner, where a trading pseudonym and photograph are used as identity credentials in a PGP certificate. The scheme lets participating parties collaborate in a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) way to establish their online identity without any mediation of a Certification Authority (CA). It also enables participating parties to handle the security settings of the trading system as well as share knowledge about the trading behaviour of fellow participants without having to rely on support from a network service provider.


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