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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0094

Title Evolution Program for Network Model
Authors Xenos Alexandros Orestis
Date 2003-04-18
Abstract Recently Pierluigi Frisco proposed a new network model. In this model nodes are represented as words over an alphabet and edges between nodes are added according to some distance measures. A program that enables the user to create networks that follow this model has also been implemented. In order to achieve networks with certain topologies, the user has to tune various properties which are provided as input to the algorithm. In this research an evolutionary algorithm has been developed, which automates the properties' tuning procedure. This procedure constitutes a multiobjective optimization problem. In general, evolutionary algorithms have been widely used for solving optimization problems and show significantly good performance in multiobjective optimization problems. Among other parameters,the implemented algorithm requires from the user three network characteristics that need to be reached. These characteristics are the average degree, the average path length and the average cluster coefficient. These values form the objectives that the algorithm tries to optimize. Once the algorithm terminates,the user receives as output, those network's properties that were found to be optimal for the certain input. The program was tested by running simulations of the Escherichia coli protein-protein interaction network. The test - runs were conducted on a computer cluster and the results improved previous attempts to replicate this network.
Group ISL
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