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Technical Report HW-MACS-TR-0113

Title UML Profile: Use Case Specification for SysML
Authors Rajiv Murali and Andrew Ireland
Date 2017-11-28
Abstract This specification of a UML profile adds capabilities in UML/SysML to support a model-based description for use case specification. As part of use case driven development, use cases are expected to drive the analysis, design and testing of the system under consideration. In this style of development, use case specifications play an integral role by capturing use case narrative (flows) that describe the many ways in which the system is used to achieve the intent of the use case. However, traditionally these narratives are documented in a textual use case specification that are subject to the many limitations of a document-based approach to system engineering. The model-based description for the use case specification provided by UCS4SysML ensure: (1) consistency between description of the use case specification and UML/SysML model (structure, behaviour and requirements); (2) validate the construction of the use case specification and (3) support model-to-model transformations.
Group DSG
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