NLP for Multimedia Applications
Lecturer(s):Thierry Declerck (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) , Language Technology Lab) and Elisabeth André (University of Augsburg, Chair for Multimedia Applications)
Type:Advanced Course
Section:Language and Computation
Time: 17.00-18.30 (Slot 4)
Room:EM 1.27


The course will propose a follow up of the introductory course given at
ESSLLI 2004, where for the first time in the context of ESSLLI this topic
has been addressed.
We will present in details possible multimedia applications involving
research results from Language Processing applied to the results of media

The course  will more precisely address the issues of ontology-based
merging of annotation resulting from text, speech and media analysis, and 
the coordination of information available for the various media/modalities
for generation and (Web) presentation purposes. So, in a sense, the course
will deal with knowledge based and linguistically supported multimedia
analysis and generation.
(Linguistic) Formalisms and (SemanticWeb) standards will build an integral
part of the course, as well as one day presentation of the relevant
international projects in the area. 

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