Representation and Computation of Temporal Relations in NL
Lecturer(s):Fritz Hamm (Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft der Universität Tübingen) and Hans Kamp (Institut für maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung der Universität Stuttgart) )
Type:Advanced Course
Section:Logic and Language
Time: 11.00-12.30 (Slot 2)
Room:EM 2.44


he central aim of the course is to take DRT--based representations as 
the starting point for the application of logic programming techniques 
for drawing inferences from natural language texts along the lines 
developed in the forthcoming book  M. van Lambalgen/F. Hamm, The Proper 
Treatment of Events, Blackwell, Explorations in Semantics, November, 

The part of the course devoted to this aim will be preceded by a brief 
introduction to the relevant aspects of DRT and Logic Programming. We will

emphasise  our concern to combine a formally precise 
 semantics with a cognitively viable theory of interpretation.  
 The main part of the course will be concerned with combining 
 DRT--style representations with (constraint) logic programming techniques

 for computing preferred or minimal models.
 If time permits we will extend the empirical  
 coverage of the general theory by showing how to analyse   
 phenomena in some Non--Indo European languages. 

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