Foundations of Natural-Language Grammar
Lecturer(s):Ruth Kempson (King's College London) and Glyn Morrill (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Section:Logic and Language
Time: 14.00-15.30 (Slot 3)
Room:EM 2.44


Both logic and computation bring standards to bear on grammar formalism
which raise challenges for its psychological interpretation. In recent
years approaches have consolidated their methodology in  ways which are
sometimes similar, sometimes distinct.  This workshop aims to explicitly
address foundational issues in articulating grammar formalisms for
language.  Papers that address the following questions will in particular
be encouraged:
What are the levels of grammar?
What is representation and what is derivation?
How are psychological interpretations of grammar formalism to be made?
What is the relation between universal grammar and grammar formalism?
What is the relation between anaphora construal and grammar-internal
What is the relation between grammar and dialogue?
What is the relation between logic, computation and grammar?
Amongst formalisms of which we would hope to have representatives are:
Minimalism, TAG, HPSG, LFG, Model-theoretic syntax, Categorial grammar
(TLG, TTG, CCG, pregroup),  Higher Order Grammar, Dynamic Syntax,
Dependency grammar.


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