Computational Lexicography

Lecturer(s):Claudia Kunze (Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Tübingen) and Lothar Lemnitzer (Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Tübingen)
Type:Introductory Course
Section:Language and Computation
Time: 11.00-12.30 (Slot 2)
Room:EM 1.82


This course introduces to the field of Computational Lexicography, its
basic notions and methods, and its impact for Natural Language
 Existing lexical resources should be maintained, standardized and used
flexibly. For less-studied languages, large scale resources still have to
be built from corpora and from the web.


* linguistic and lexicological foundations of Computational Lexicography
* lexicon models for NLP (e.g. Generative Lexicon)
* lexical rules
* dictionary entry structure und dictionary entry parsing
* lexical resources (with the example of wordnets)
* lexical acquisition from corpora (with a focus on morphological and
statistical issues)
* treatment of complex lexemes (idioms, collocations, and others)

The course material will be accompanied by hands-on experience which the
students can acquire using lexicographic tools.
During the course we will be using a generic lexical entry parser
(LexParse) and a toolset for lexical acquisition from corpora (XLEX).


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