Computer Science Internal


Director UK Programmes (UG/PGT): Andrew Ireland 
Programme Director, CS/SE: Hans Wolfgang Loidl Programme Director, Postgraduate : Hamish Taylor
Programme Director, IS: Jenny Coady
MSc Advanced Internet Applications: Albert Burger
1st year supervisor: Michael Lones MSc Artificial Intelligence: Verena Rieser 
2nd year supervisor: Fairouz Kamareddine MSc Computer Services Management: Albert Burger
3rd year supervisor: Helen Hastie MSc Data Science: Albert Burger
4th year supervisor:  Peter King MSc IT (Business): Jessica Chen-Burger
5th year supervisor:  Peter King MSc IT (Software Systems):  Gudmund Grov  
MSc Software Engineering: Gudmund Grov
MSc Computing:
Graduate Diploma in IT:


Staff Mentor Duties

List of Mentors/Mentees for Undergraduate Students is available here 

MSc Programme Directors act as mentors to students on their programmes.

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MSc Research Methods Mark Sheet

MSc Dissertation Assessment Form (Supervisor) - Stage 1

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UG dissertations (incl Deliverable 1) are now marked in Vision:
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UG Poster Session Assessment Form

Committee Minutes and Chairs

Committee Chair Minutes
Undergraduate Board of Studies Hans Wolfgang Loidl/Jenny Coady click here
CS Departmental Staff Meeting Andrew Ireland click here
Computer Users Manuel Maarek click here
Postgraduate Board of Studies Hamish Taylor click here
Research Oliver Lemon click here
Staff /Student Andrew Ireland click here