MACS Programme Structures 2015/2016

Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics


BSc Actuarial Science

BSc Actuarial Science and Diploma in Industrial Training 1

BSc Actuarial Science and Diploma in Industrial Training 2

BSc Financial Mathematics

BSc Statistical Modelling


MSc Actuarial Science

MSc Actuarial Management

MSc Financial Mathematics

MSc Quantitative Financial Risk Management

MSc Quantitative Financial Engineering

MSc Actuarial Science and Management


Computer Science


BSc Computer Science

BSc Computer Systems

BSc Information Systems

MEng Software Engineering


MSc Advanced Computer Science

MSc Advanced Internet Applications

MSc Artificial Intelligence

MSc Artificial Intelligence with Speech and Multimodal Interaction

MSc Business Information Management

MSc Computer Systems Management

MSc Data Science

MSc Information Technology (Business)

MSc Information Technology (Software Systems)

MSc Software Engineering

MSc Computing

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology




BSc Mathematics

BSc Mathematics with Computer Science

BSc Mathematics and Computer Science

BSc Mathematics with a European Language

BSc Mathematics with Finance

BSc Mathematics with Psychology

BSc Mathematics with Physics

BSc Mathematics with Statistics

BSc in Mathematical, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

BSc Mathematical Studies

BSc Mathematical Statistical and Actuarial Sciences with Diploma in Industrial Training

BSc Mathematics with Finance with Diploma in Industrial Training

MMath Mathematics


MSc Applied Mathematical Sciences

MSc Applied Mathematical Sciences with Biological and Ecological Modelling

MSc Applied Mathematical Sciences with Climate Change Impacts Modelling

MSc Computational Mathematics

MSc Mathematics

MSc Quantitative Finance and Mathematics

Graduate Diploma/Certificate in Mathematical Sciences

PG Certificate in Advanced Mathematics and Statistics for Engineers

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