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PhD student is looking for some people to help me out with a 45 minute experiment in return for a £10 Amazon Voucher.
Due to the nature of the experiment, I’ll be making sure you can see 3D correctly, but if you can see 3D movies then you should be fine.
Please drop me an email or come see me in EM1.55 if you can help. Alternatively, you can book a slot here directly:

Thanks in advance!
Tom Methven EM 1.55,

As part of a research project on spoken language interaction, we are currently testing a phone-based restaurant information system.

We would like to invite you to try out this system; it should be great fun talking to it and your calls will be very helpful for us in our research!

Please go to the following web page and simply follow the instructions:

You don’t need an account for this; just fill out anything when asked for an email address.

Note that we will be running this test until the end of this week (12 October).

Many thanks,

Simon Keizer
Interaction Lab
MACS, Heriot-Watt University

Participate is going to be used again to post information about incoming and active studies at Heriot-Watt university. Within next few days expect a steady flow of new opportunities to get rewards and help science.

Thanks again everyone for participating and helping to organize Ethical Hackathon 2012.

Thanks to everyone who took part! There were 18 students in 4 teams who started the hackathon over a week ago. Part of the challenge was that the students had to work out their own process to solve the problem. But it involved: deciding on an application area, specifying requirements, deciding on a technology platform, designing the software, implementing, testing it, as well as writing the blog, and making the marketing materials.

Thank you to all the members of staff and PhD students who helped with preparation, support and grading.

The winning project was
Also we have published an Android App (

The Winning team were:

Andrew    MacKinnon
Hans-Nikolai    Viessmann
Konstantin    Devyatov
Leif    Gehrmann
Andrew Beveridge



Hello Teams
I’ve seen some of you on Friday and your work looked incredibly exciting! I am looking forward to your submissions and so are other judges!

Submission details: Send an email before the midnight on Wednesday (so by Wednesday 23:59).
send email to my private email and I’ll bounce it to other judges. use:

email should contain a link to a simple webpage with links to your deliverables. Details of deliverables are in this presentation:
I would encourage you to use google technologies (youtube, google docs, blogger) where applicable, since the google academic team will look at our work later and probably contact those of you who were interested (you ticked one of the boxes when you were signing up).

Did I mention that I cannot wait to see your work?

in February google might want us to organise simmilar event but expand it to other departments of HW (to get business, psychology, languages, chemical etc students to create their spin-offs). If you liked this experience and want to do it again and help others to experience it too – stay in touch with me. I guess it would look awesome on your CV that you worked with Google Student Ambassadors team (I am an official one, and google wanted me to create a team of helpers/partners for a bigger event next year). Stay tuned if this is what you’re into!

Pawel M Orzechowski