Scottish Theorem Proving

There will be a meeting of STP in St Andrews on Friday June 12th 2009, in the School of Computer Science, North Haugh, St Andrews, from 1.00 to 5.00 pm.

The meeting is in room 1.33a of the Jack Cole Building. It is building 16 on the map in How to get to the School of Computer Science; or maybe you need How to get to St Andrews first.

Lunch arrangements are yet to be finalised. Please let us know by Saturday 6 June if you want a sandwich lunch beforehand. Dietary restrictions should be divulged.

The meeting will finish by 5pm to allow (a) people to catch the 1729 train from Leuchars back to the real world and (b) (for others) an adequate period for team-building exercises in a local hostelry (Drouthy Neebors).

RD and EK


We study standard formal models for knowledge management. We propose a multi-agent knowledge management framework. The framework relies on identification of processes which support knowledge management. We express knowledge exchange in epistemic logic. We then translate multi-agent dialogues into a protocol language which is verifiable by model checking.

Organised by R. Dyckhoff and Ekaterina Komendantskaya