Rapid communications

We would like to offer a new format of paper presentation that we call rapid communications which is aimed at work-in-progress submissions. We hope that allowing such papers to be submitted up to 3 weeks prior to the workshop will encourage the authors to offer their preliminary results for a public discussion.

We are willing to maintain the high level of works presented at our workshop. However, due to the nature of rapid communications and time restrictions such submissions cannot undergo a normal review process. Therefore we offer a PLoS One inspired review. During such review, the submission is reviewed by the peers but only the technical soundness is checked and submissions are not excluded on the basis of lack of perceived importance.

By submitting their work-in-progress as a rapid communication to UKCI 2012 the authors can:
– get a feedback on the correctness of the chosen approach from our reviewers
– discuss their work with their peers during the workshop
– present their late results
– get their preliminary results published in a booklet with an ISBN (except for the case when authors object)

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments.