• In order to support young researchers British Telecom Research is offering an opportunity to win access to its R&D labs! To take part in a competition, UKCI contributors are welcome to submit their solution models for modelling and prediction of Cyber attacks based on any recent high profile cases. The solution could be based on real or simulated data generated by the students. The quality of the solutions will be judged by Prof. Ben Azvine, Head of Security research at BT and members of his team, and 2 to 3 winners will be invited for a 4-8 week visit to BT labs in order to develop their solution further and get experience of working in an industrial research environment. BT will provide the facilities, interaction with the researchers and the valuable industrial experience.

    Disclaimer: BT PLC is not responsible for the content of the workshop and this website apart from the above description.

    • Moreover, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences of Heriot-Watt University will sponsor
      an award for the best student paper.
      Aysenur Bilgin, Hani Hagras, Areej Malibari, Mohammed J. Alhaddad and Daniyal Alghazzawi for “A General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Approach for Adaptive Modeling of Perceptions for Computing With Words”
      Giovanni Acampora, Uzay Kaymak, Vincenzo Loia and Autilia Vitiello for “Hybridizing Genetic Algorithms and Hill Climbing for Similarity Aggregation in Ontology Matching”