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Dr. Christian Haack, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen:
Types for Cryptographic Protocols
2006-07-28 (Friday)
14:00:00, Room 1.01
Prof. Andrew Pitts, University of Cambridge:
Generative Unbinding of Names
2006-06-14 (Wednesday)
14:15:00, Room 1.83
Prof. Henk Barendregt, Nijmegen University:
Type reducibility and applications
2006-05-02 (Tuesday)
15:15:00, Room 1.27
Dr. Murdoch J. Gabbay, Heriot-Watt University:
Evolved logic
2006-03-06 (Monday)
14:15:00, Room G.44
Dr. Murdoch J. Gabbay, Heriot-Watt University:
The Fraenkel-Mostowski (FM) model of abstraction applied to name-generation
2006-01-09 (Monday)
14:15:00, Room 3.07
Dr. Manuel Maarek, Heriot-Watt University:
Toward an Object-Oriented Structure for Mathematical Text
2005-07-12 (Tuesday)
14:00:00, Room 1.70
Dr. Karim Nour, Université de Savoie:
Classical Combinatory Logic
2005-07-01 (Friday)
14:15:00, Room 1.58
Miss Dana N. Xu, University of Cambridge:
Modular Inference for Array Checks Optimization
2005-01-11 (Tuesday)
16:15:00, Room 1.70
Dr. Krzysztof Retel, Heriot-Watt University:
Mizar as a Tool for Teaching Mathematics
2004-11-24 (Wednesday)
15:30:00, Room 1.70
Miss Sandra Alves, University of Porto:
Weak Linearization of the Lambda Calculus
2004-09-23 (Thursday)
15:30:00, Room 1.70
Mr. Stéphane Gimenez, ENS Lyon:
Unification Modulo Observational Equivalence
2004-08-18 (Wednesday)
15:30:00, Room 1.70
Mr. Joseph J. Hallett, Boston University:
A Formal Semantics For Weak References
2004-07-07 (Wednesday)
14:00:00, Room 1.70
Dr. Alberto Momigliano, University of Leicester:
Induction and Co-induction in Sequent Calculus
2003-05-23 (Friday)
15:30:00, Room 1. 58
Dr. Jeff Polakow, Heriot-Watt University:
Introduction to Ordered Linear Logic
2003-03-18 (Tuesday)
15:30:00, Room 1. 11
Dr. Christian Haack, Heriot-Watt University:
Type Error Slicing in Implicitly Typed, Higher-Order Languages
2003-02-20 (Thursday)
15:30:00, Room 1. 11
Mr. Tom Hirschowitz, INRIA Rocquencourt:
A Calculus of Call-By-Value Mixin Modules
2002-11-19 (Tuesday)
11:30:00, Room 1.11
Dr. Joe Wells, Heriot-Watt University:
Branching Types
2002-08-26 (Monday)
14:15:00, Room 2.33
Prof. Anindya Banerjee, Kansas State University:
Secure Information Flow and Pointer Confinement in a Java-like Language
2002-08-12 (Monday)
14:15:00, Room 1.27
Dr. Perdita Stevens, University of Edinburgh:
Playing Games with Software Design
2002-07-29 (Monday)
14:15:00, Room 2.33
Prof. Torben Amtoft, Heriot-Watt University:
A Causal Type System for Ambient Movements
2002-07-18 (Thursday)
14:00:00, Room 2.33
Prof. Martin Bunder, University of Wollongong:
Combinatory Logic, Predicate Logic, Type Theory and The Foundation of Mathematics
2002-07-17 (Wednesday)
14:15:00, Room 2.33
Prof. Allen Stoughton, Kansas State University:
An Operational Semantics Framework Supporting the Incremental Construction of Derivation Trees
2002-05-27 (Monday)
14:15:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Peter Hancock, University of Edinburgh:
Refinement calculus & Martin-Lof type theory
2002-05-13 (Monday)
14:15:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Roy Dyckhoff, University of St Andrews:
Strong Normalisation of Herbelin's Explicit Substitution Calculus
2002-03-11 (Monday)
11:15:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Bruce McAdam, University of Edinburgh:
Repairing Type Errors in Functional Programs
2002-03-07 (Thursday)
16:15:00, Room 2.33
Prof. Fairouz Kamareddine, Heriot-Watt University:
Higher Order Unification via Explicit Substitutions
2001-12-05 (Wednesday)
01:30:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Joe Wells, Heriot-Watt University:
Cycle Therapy
2001-11-22 (Thursday)
01:30:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Christian Haack, Heriot-Watt University:
A Tool for the Automatic Adaptation of Software Components Based on Semantic Specifications
2001-11-08 (Thursday)
01:30:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Michael Hicks, Cornell University:
Dynamic Software Updating
2001-10-22 (Monday)
09:45:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Andrew Gordon, Microsoft Research:
Authenticity by Typing for Security Protocols
2001-10-22 (Monday)
11:00:00, Room 2.33
Dr. Joe Wells, Heriot-Watt University:
Principal Typings Demystified: what they are, why you want them, and why your type system doesn't have them
2001-10-11 (Thursday)
01:30:00, Room 2.33

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