We would like to thank all participants and presenters and who have attended and contributed to the workshop and made it a highly successful event.  We also would like to thank the staff at the SHSC Conference and Training Centre and the UK Neuroinformatics Node, who have done an excellent job supporting the event. And, of course, we gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors.

We are adding the presentation slides for each talk on the Program page under 'details' if and when they become available to us. A workshop report summarising the event is now available (see side box).

Looking forward to future interactions on Atlas Informatics. 

Best wishes,

Albert Burger and Richard Baldock   
(Workshop Organisors)

Edinburgh, 17 May 2012

A workshop on Atlas Informatics in the biomedical domain will be held in Edinburgh on May 15-16, 2012. 

The workshop is free and open for anyone interested, but the number of participants is limited (by the venue size). So, please register as early as possible. 


Biomedical imaging is now ubiquitous in the life sciences, clinical research and healthcare. To manage the increase in volume and complexity of such data, biomedical atlases have emerged as a key solution. The purpose of this workshop is to strengthen the field of Atlas Informatics as a tool for novel biomedical science, to identify related open computational challenges, and to discuss avenues of knowledge transfer from the basic computer science research community to the biomedical end users of atlas applications through the development of tools and informatics infrastructures. The workshop will bring together experts from the biomedical as well as the informatics field, in particular, but not exclusively, aiming at the MRC HGU, INCF UK and SICSA communities. The workshop will consist of a number of presentations introducing the current state of usage and development of biomedical atlases, as well as a number of discussion sessions to identify common interests and future collaborations within and across the above communities. 


The primary objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To demonstrate to the biomedical research community how atlas-based systems can be used to further their scientific research.

  2. To identify computer science research problems that need to be addressed to enhance Atlas Informatics.

  3. To identify potential Knowledge Transfer activities between the Informatics and Biomedical Sciences communities.

The above are intended to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations and research networks.

The workshop is to be documented in a written report, which will form the basis of an Atlas Informatics Manifesto, which will summarise the field in terms of its current state of art and its future research and development challenges. 

The workshop is co-located with a meeting of INCF Atlas Program Task Forces, which will commence on 16 May 2012 (afternoon). Experts from the Task Forces will be present and contribute to the workshop.