Some of my model rockets

Estes Patriot: My first rocket.
Firedart: My first home design.
Lancer: An early scratch-build.
Approximate 1/300 scale model of Thunderbird 3
Estes Shadow
Hermes payloader: About to take off with parachuting teddy bear.
Hermes again: Now upgraded with capsule for larger payloads.
Tri-F-O: Copied from plans from a magazine, this triangular UFO spins on the way up, then drifts down gently.
Discworld: Clarecraft Discworld Event 1997: Terry Pratchett launches my flying model of his creation.
Close-up of Discworld
Earth Force 2: Signed by numerous Babylon 5 actors plus two from Blake's 7. Visible here are Bill Mumy, Peter Jurasik, Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce and Jeff Conaway. Elsewhere on the rocket are Patricia Tallman, Bruce Boxleitner, Wayne Alexander, Joe Michael Straczynski, Joshua Cox, Richard Biggs and Jeffrey Willerth.
Edinburgh Force 1: (or should that be Farce?) The rocket which launched the Edinburgh Alliance CD
Super Bertha: Big Bertha modified to use either helicopter or parachute recovery.
Rogue Aerospace Space Needle
Ba349 Natter: Semi-scale model of WW2 German interceptor.
Largs Pencil: A send-up of the Largs landmark. Now featured on the Largs Tourist website!
Boosted Dart
Titania: Parallel stage prototype. (No, I did not launch it here!)
Titan 1b: Estes Scrambler egg lofter fitted with parallel stage boosters.
Titanic: Parallel stage heavy load lifter
King Titan
Thunderbird SAM: with detaching boosters.
Rheinbote: German WW2 missile. Four stages, the first being a six-motor cluster.
Mini ALARM: Scale-down of The Launch Pad's model of the prototype ALARM.
Estes Dude: inflatable kit.
Ariane 5: Das Modell kit modified to take three motors.
GSLV-D1: India's GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle).
A-9/A-10: Proposed German two-stage rocket.
A-9: Upper stage of German two-stage rocket.
V-2-A (R-2A): Russian scientific rocket based on R-2 missile.
A4: Scale model of the display model at Peenemünde's museum.
Feuerlilie F25: German WW2 sounding rocket.
Feuerlilie F55: German WW2 SAM prototype.
Skylark 5: British sounding rocket.
Skylark 12: British two-stage sounding rocket. (Skylark 5 model with a booster and different nose-cone.)
Petrel: smaller British sounding rocket.
Gosling Test Vehicle
Congreve artillery rocket
Green Cheese: Proposed but cancelled British nuclear air-ship missile.
Fred'n'George: Two stage modification of Fliskits Freedom Forge
RR-1: My model of Paisley Rocketeers' first rocket
Patrol Cruiser Z-3
Delta Gamma 9: Transport from Babylon 5
Sea Dart: British naval SAM.
Double Whisky
Three To One: modified Fliskits Tres.
SA-2 Guideline: Russian built SAM in East German markings.
Nike Ajax: American built SAM as seen in Luftwaffemuseum Berlin-Gatow.