BridgeDb GSoC 2019 Student

During the summer, BridgeDb has had a Google Summer of Code student working on extending the system to work with secondary identifiers; these are alternative identifiers for a given resource.

The student Manas Awasthi has maintained a blog of his experiences. Below are some excerpts of his activity.

Google Summer of Code 2019: Dream to Reality

Manas Awasthi
May 28 · 3 min read
Google Summer of Code, an annual Google program which encourages open source contribution from students. The term I was introduced to by my seniors in my freshman year. Having no clue about open source, I started gathering knowledge about ‘How to contribute to open source projects?’ Then I came across version control, being a freshman it was an unknown territory for me. I started using Github for my personal projects which gave me a better understanding of how to use it. Version Control Service was off the checklists. By the time all this was done Google Summer of Code 2018 was announced.

Google Summer of Code 2019: Dream to Reality

Manas Awasthi
Jun 12 · 3 min read
The Coding Period: The First Two Weeks
The coding period of Google Summer of Code started on 27th of May, at the time of publishing it’s been more than 2 weeks, here I am writing this blog to discuss what I have done over the past two weeks, and what a ride it has been already. Plenty of coding along with plenty of learning. From the code base to the test suite.

Google Summer of Code 2019: Dream to Reality

Manas Awasthi
Jun 22 · 3 min read
The Coding Period: Week 3 — Week 4
Hola Amigos!!! Let’s discuss my progress through week 3 and 4 of GSoC’s coding period. So the major part of what I was doing this week was to add support for the secondary identifier (err!!! whats that) to BridgeDb.

Google Summer of Code 2019: Dream to Reality

Manas Awasthi
Aug 21 · 3 min read
Hey Folks, this is probably the last blog in this series outlining my journey as a GSoC student. In this blog I’ll go through the functionality I have added over the summer and why the end-users should use it.

FAIRplus Newsletter 2

Below is the opening exert from the second FAIRplus Newsletter:

Though FAIRplus has been running for just six months, there is already a lot to talk about. Our two task-focused ‘Squads’ have booted up and begun the FAIRification of the first set of four pilot datasets, our industry partners in EFPIA organised the first ‘Bring Your Own Data’ workshop in London, and we’ve been busy explaining our goals and answering many questions from our stakeholders.

You can read about these activities in this second FAIRplus newsletter. On top of that, we bring you an update on upcoming events, news from our partners and also a new section ‘Track our progress’ where you can check for yourself how we are progressing towards our goals and what Deliverables and reports we’ve recently submitted.

Finally, we’ve launched our own LinkedIn page. Besides regular updates on our activities, it will also feature job opportunities and news from the FAIRplus partners.

The next FAIRplus Newsletter will come out in November 2019. In it we’ll present the FAIRplus Fellowship programme, report on the FAIR workshop in October and more.

We wish you a relaxing Summer and look forward to meeting you at our events!