Crusade for Big Data Keynote

Today I gave the keynote presentation (slides below) at the Crusade for Big Data in the AAL domain workshop as part of the EU Ambient Assisted Living Forum. I gave an overview of the way that the Open PHACTS project has overcome various Big Data challenges to provide a production quality data integration platform that is being used to answer real pharmacology business questions.

The workshop then broke out into five breakout groups to discuss open challenges facing the AAL community that are posed by Big Data. The breakout groups were:

  1. Privacy and Ethics
  2. Business models for sustainability
  3. Data reuse and interoperability
  4. Data quality
  5. Feedback to the users

The organisers of the workshop (Femke Ongenae and Femke De Backere) will be sharing the outcomes of the brainstorming by proposing several working groups to focus on the issues in the area of AAL.