Summer of Good News

Picture of Qianru on her graduation day

This has been a good summer, not just because the British weather has been somewhat more summery than usual.

Qianru’s Graduation

In June, my first PhD student graduated. Dr Qianru Zhou investigated the use of an ontology to enable a software defined network. Her PhD thesis is “Ontology-driven knowledge based autonomic management for telecommunication networks: Theory, implementation and applications”,


As of today (1 August 2018), I am now an Associate Professor (equivalent to Senior Lecturer in traditional British universities).

Grant Success

Today saw the start of a collaboration with VisionWare, a company based in Glasgow who specialise in record linkage, and is funded as an Interface Voucher. We are investigating combining the data corruption framework that Ahmad has been developing with the synthetic data that VisionWare have been generating. The purpose is to enable us to evaluate, and thus improve, record linkage.