Publications and preprints

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Publications and preprints

  1. Alan D. Logan, The Equaliser Conjecture for the free group of rank two The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics (accepted) (arXiv)

  2. Laura Ciobanu & Alan D. Logan, Fixed points and stable images of endomorphisms for the free group of rank two Journal of Algebra (in press) (arXiv) (journal)

  3. Laura Ciobanu & Alan D. Logan, Variations on the Post Correspondence Problem for free groups In: Moreira N., Reis R. (eds) Developments in Language Theory. DLT 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12811. Springer, Cham. (arXiv) (proceedings)

  4. Laura Ciobanu & Alan D. Logan, The Post Correspondence Problem and equalisers for certain free group and monoid morphisms 47th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP2020) 168 (2020) 120:1-120:16. (arXiv) (proceedings)

  5. Alan D. Logan, Every group is the outer automorphism group of an HNN-extension of a fixed triangle group Advances in Mathematics 353 (2019) 116-152. (arXiv) (journal)

  6. Alan D. Logan, The Bass-Jiang group for automorphism-induced HNN-extensions Journal of Algebra 518 (2019) 177-197. (arXiv) (journal)

  7. Alan D. Logan, The residual finiteness of (hyperbolic) automorphism-induced HNN-extensions Communications in Algebra, 46 (2018) no.12, 5399-5402. (arXiv) (journal)

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  9. Alan D. Logan, The JSJ-decompositions of one-relator groups with torsion Geometriae Dedicata 180 (2016) no.1, 171-185. (arXiv) (journal)

  10. Alan D. Logan, On a question of Bumagin and Wise New York Journal of Mathematics 22 (2016) 865-873. (arXiv) (journal)

  11. Alan D. Logan, On the outer automorphism groups of finitely generated, residually finite groups Journal of Algebra 423 (2015) 890-901. (arXiv) (journal)

  12. Preprints

  13. Giles Gardam, Dawid Kielak & Alan D. Logan, JSJ decompositions and polytopes for two-generator one-relator groups (arXiv)

  14. Giles Gardam, Dawid Kielak & Alan D. Logan, Algebraically hyperbolic groups (arXiv)


James Howie, Kenneth A. Brown & Alan D. Logan, Obituary of Stephen J. Pride (The Australian Mathematics Society Gazette)