27/04/20 - Petri-Net Machines

Work on the documentation for the Petri-Net Machines ROS package has started.

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02/04/16 - Qualitative Constraints for Human-aware Robot Navigation

Check out our software on using Qualitative Spatial Representations for humna-aware navigation on a non-holonimic robot.

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10/03/16 - Best paper award for HRI 2016 paper

Our paper on "Lessons Learned from the Deployment of a Long-term Autonomous Robot as Companion in Physical Therapy for Older Adults with Dementia" received the best paper award at the HRI conference.

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22/05/15 - Presenting at Machine Learning for Social Robotics workshop at ICRA.

At this year's ICRA I am going to present a paper about the human tracking pipline used in STRANDS at the Machine Learning for Social Robotics workshop. More information on this full day workshop on 26/05/15 can be found at the official workshop webpage.

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23/03/15 - Journal paper has been published.

The recently accepted journal paper about a computational model for Human-Robot Spatial Interaction using QTC, in the special issue on Representations and Reasoning for Robotics, has now been published and is available form the publishers website

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15/03/15 - Software section added.

I added a section for released and currently developed software. This includes the people tracker, also showing a video of of its functionality, and the QTC generation. Please refer to the Software section for more information.

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15/03/15 - Website online.

The first version of my website is now online. Feel free to have a look around. Especially the Research and Software pages should be of interest.

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