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Current trends in the design of pervasive systems have concentrated on the problem of isolated smart spaces (such as smart homes) via a fixed infrastructure. This is likely to lead to the evolution of islands of pervasiveness separated by voids in which there is no support for pervasiveness.

The vision of PERSIST is of a Personal Smart Space, which is associated with the portable devices carried by the user and which moves around with him/her, providing context-aware pervasiveness to the user at all times and places. The Personal Smart Space will cater for the needs of users, adapting to their preferences and learning new ones as these arise. For information regarding the PERSIST project

PERSIST is organising this workshop on Intellilgent Pervasive Environments, which will take place at the Edinburgh Convention Centre at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the AISB 2009 Convention, on the 9th April 2009.