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List of computer-produced cine films (in .wmv format):

Solitons and bions in nonlinear optics,
6 mins. white on blue, with sound (1973) [23.4Mb]
(The name "bion" never caught on - nowadays this would be called a "breather"). The first part of the film shows (exact) solutions of the Self-Induced Transparency (SIT) equations, the second shows (exact) solutions of the Reduced Maxwell-Bloch (RMB) equations. See J. Phys. A., 6, 1337-1347 (1973). The solutions of the RMB equations can easily transformed into solutions of the sine-Gordon (SG) equation.
Numerical solutions of the Regularized Long Wave equation,
3 mins. colour, silent (1975) [9.3Mb]
(The RLW equation is modified version of the KdV equation, and solutions at this resolution would look very similar, except for the square wave initial conditions. Also called the BBM (Benjamin, Bona and Mahony) equation). See J. Comp. Phys. 23, 63-73 (1977)..
Boomerons and Zoomerons,
2x6 mins. white/blue, silent (1977) [30.1Mb and 22Mb]
See papers by Calogero and Degasperis: Lettere al Nuovo Cimento 16 425-433, 434-438, 1976).
Two dimensional solitons,
4 mins. white/blue, silent (1978). [22.6Mb]
(Mostly on solutions of the KP equation, see Freeman N.C., Proc. Roy. Soc. A, 366, 185-204, 1979).
Pulse evolution on single and coupled nerve fibres,
6 mins. white/blue, silent (1979) [14.8Mb]
See Bull. Math. Biol. 43, 389-400 (1981)
A mathematical model for pattern formation in biology,
6 mins. white/blue, silent (1980) [43.9Mb]
See Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 3, 439-456 (1981).
Davydov solitons on the α-helix,
6 mins. white/blue, silent (1980) [43.8Mb]
(see Scott, A.C., Physica D, 51, 333-342, 1991).
Nonlinear evolution equations,
12 mins. colour, with sound (1981) [124Mb]
(A film made to show at an ATLAS lab open day, highlighting the work made using the FR80 graphics device).
Sine-Gordon solitons,
(with P S Lomdahl), l4 mins. white/blue, with sound (1982) [65.8Mb].
(see Nuovo Cim. 25B, 497-512 (1975), Appl. Phys. Lett. 39, 108-110 (1981), Phys. Lett. 87A, 1-4 (1981)).
Kink-kink interactions in the φ^4 model,
5 mins. white/blue, silent (1982) [26.4Mb].
(See R K Dodd, J C Eilbeck, J D Gibbon, and H C Morris, Solitons and Nonlinear Wave Equations, pp 640, London: Academic Press, 1982, Ch 10).

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