In Memoriam "EUROGRID"
European Research Training Network

Discrete Random Geometries: from solid state physics to quantum gravity (2000-2004)


This is the resting place of the former web page for the Human Potential (IHP) Research Training Network (RTN) EUROGRID. A new Framework 6 Network ENRAGE co-ordinated by Renate Loll now carries the torch.

EUROGRID was dedicated to the analytical and numerical study of discrete random geometries in the contexts of:

Models of quantum gravity

matrix models and 2D quantum gravity, discretized Lorentzian gravity,
3D and 4D dynamical triangulations, random manifolds, string theory, M(atrix) theory, Regge calculus, QCD string

Solid state physics

spin glasses, ferromagnetic systems with quenched disorder, critical behaviour on random graphs, models of membranes

Discrete mathematics

enumeration of meanders, graph colouring problems, folding problems

The work envisaged by the network was described in the proposal to the EC and the work programme

The Network linked the following twelve European institutions
Heriot-Watt University, Department of Mathematics, Edinburgh, Scotland
(co-ordinating partner)
Spinoza Institute, University of Utrecht.
National Centre for Scientific Research, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Athens, Greece
University of Barcelona, Departament d'Estructura i Constituents  de la Materia, Barcelona, Spain
Universitaet Bielefeld, Fakultaet fuer Physik, Bielefeld, Germany
Jagellonian University, Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Krakow, Poland
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
University of Iceland, Science Institute, Reykjavik, Iceland
University of Oxford, Department of Physics, Theoretical Physics, Oxford, England
Universitaet Leipzig, Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Leipzig, Germany
Universite Paris Sud, Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, Orsay, France
CEA Saclay, Service de Physique Théorique, Gif-sur-Yvette, France