Trends in Functional Programming, Volume 2

Selected papers from the 2nd Scottish Functional Programming Workshop (SFP00).
Stephen Gilmore (editor)
Intellect, Bristol, UK. ISBN 1-84150-058-5.

Table of Contents

The costs and benefits of cloning in a lazy functional language 1-12
Karl-Filip Faxen
Optimising Eden by transformation 13-26
Cristobal Pareja, Ricardo Pena, Fernando Rubio, and Clara Segura
A functional framework for the implementation of genetic algorithms: Comparing Haskell and Standard ML 27-38
Deryck F. Brown, A. Beatriz Garmendia-Doval, and John A.W. McCall
GpH and Eden: Comparing two parallel functional languages on a Beowulf cluster 39-52
Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Ulrike Klusik, Kevin Hammond, Rita Loogen, and Phil Trinder
Controlling parallelism and data distribution in Eden 53-64
Ulrike Klusik, Rita Loogen, and Steffen Priebe
Parallel heuristic search in Haskell 65-76
Michelle Cope, Ian Gent, and Kevin Hammond
Parallel composition and bulk synchronous parallel functional programming 77-88
Frederic Loulergue
A distributed operational semantics for a parallel functional language 89-102
Mercedes Hidalgo-Herrero and Yolanda Ortega-Mallen
Runtime system level fault tolerance for a distributed functional language 103-114
Phil Trinder, Robert Pointon, and Hans-Wolfgang Loidl
The space usage problem: An evaluation kit for graph reduction semantics 115-128
Adam Bakewell and Colin Runciman
CAMLFLOW: a CAML to data-flow graph translator 129-144
Jocelyn Serot
An application of functional programming: quilting 145-158
Sharon Curtis
Type inference for MLj 159-172
Bruce McAdam, Andrew Kennedy, and Nick Benton
Detecting common elements of types 173-184
Manfred Widera and Christoph Beierle