Trends in Functional Programming, Volume 1

Selected papers from the 1st Scottish Functional Programming Workshop (SFP99).
P. W. Trinder and G. Michaelson and H-W. Loidl (editors)
Intellect, 2000. ISBN 1-84150-024-0.

Table of Contents

Bypassing of Channels in Eden 2-11
Ulrike Klusik, Ricardo Pena and Clara Segura
From GranSim to Paradise 11-20
Felix Hernandez, Ricardo Pena and Fernando Rubio
BSP-based Cost Analysis of Skeletal Programs 20-29
Yasushi Hayashi and Murray Cole
High Level BSP Programming: BSML and BSlambda 29-41
Olivier Ballereau, Frederic Loulergue and Gaetan Hains
Deep Type Inference for Mobile Functions 41-50
Stephen Gilmore
Generalising Techniques for Type Debugging 50-59
Bruce J. McAdam
Explaining Type Errors by Finding the Source of a Type Conflict 59-68
Jun Yang
How to Combine the Benefits of Strict and Soft Typing 68-79
Manfred Widera and Christoph Beierle
Interfacing Java with Haskell 79-89
Mark Green and Ali E. Abdallah
An Abstract Machine for Memory Management 89-98
Christopher D. Walton
The MT Architecture and Allocation Algorithm 98-106
Marco T. Morazan and Douglas R. Troeger
ZG-machine: a Space-Efficient G-machine 106-116
Gyun Woo and Taisook Han
A Functional Design Framework for Genetic Algorithms 116-126
Fethi A. Rabhi, Guy Lapalme and Albert Y. Zomaya
An Industrial use of FP: A Tool for Generating Test Scripts from System Specifications 126-135
Paul Baker, Clive Jervis and David J. King
List Homomorphisms with Accumulation and Indexing 135-144
Walter Dosch and Bernd Wiedemann
Reuse by Program Transformation 144-154
Ralf Lämmel
An Abstract Machine for Parallel Lazy Evaluation 154-161
Clem Baker-Finch