3.3.3  GdH -- Glasgow Distributed Haskell

Report by: Robert Pointon

The following projects are ongoing:

  1. We are investigating alternative distributed computation and communication strategies. Non-strict languages allow a range of strategies in a distributed system: e.g. the client may issue request messages serially, or as a group of requests, and the requested values may be computed sequentially or in parallel, and by client or server.

  2. We are investigating the design and implementation issues of introducing mobile computations into our family of languages.

  3. We have won a £180K EPSRC research project to investigate the value of high level programming techniques for developing distributed telecommunications software in Erlang and GdH. The project is in collaboration with Motorola UK Research Labs, and work will start in May. More information on this project is available here (Telecoms Project Homepage http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~dsg/telecoms/).

  4. We have recently been investigating the use of GdH to prototype parallel extensions for GpH (http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~dsg/gph/).  Further reading:
Papers describing these projects are available from:
  1. GdH Homepage http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~dsg/gdh/
  2. Phil Trinder's Homepage http://www.cee.hw.ac.uk/~trinder/publications.html