• Rajiv Murali – A Rigorous Approach to Use Case Driven Development in SysML (18th October, 2017)

    by  • October 2, 2017 • DSG Research Seminars: Logic and Programming Languages

    Time and location: 14:30, EM 1.70


    Use cases (UC) are a popular technique used to define the goals of a system. As part of use case driven development (UCD), these goals drive the analysis, design and testing of the system. An integral part of UCD, are document-based use case specifications (UCS) that help capture constraints on the execution of the UC as well as use case narratives (i.e. flows) that encompass the different ways in which the system can be used. Errors introduced in the UCS impacts the overall system development and increases defect rates. We present a model-based development of the UCS to support: (1) consistency between the descriptions of the UCS and other UML/SysML model elements; (2) model transformation from UCS to the formal method Event-B to support verification of the use case narratives; (3) generation of down-stream UML sequence diagrams, e.g. sequence diagrams. The results of the work are demonstrated via tool support, UsecasePro, for the UML/SysML modelling tool Papyrus.