• Ross Duncan – Substitution, binding, and pattern matching in string diagrams (8th November, 2017)

    by  • November 4, 2017 • DSG Research Seminars: Logic and Programming Languages

    Speaker: Ross Duncan, University of Strathclyde

    Time and location: 15:15, EM 3.07


    Diagrams are widely used in science and engineering; well known examples
    include electronic circuit diagrams, Feynman diagrams, proof-nets, petri-nets,
    and countless others. All these diagrams share the same basic features because
    they are all presentations of monoidal categories — one of the most commonly
    encountered structures in mathematics. String diagrams are a formal syntax
    for monoidal categories which takes into account their two-dimensional nature,
    and are especially well suited to theories where sequential and parallel
    composition interact (or which feature both algebraic and coalgebraic
    operations). In this talk I’ll present some preliminary work towards theory of
    programming with string diagrams — namely I’ll look at how substitution and
    pattern matching can be defined on top of string diagrams. The putting both
    together results in a computad of diagram transformations.