• Blair Archibald – Branching Out: Skeletons for Parallel Tree Search (22nd November, 2017)

    by  • November 10, 2017 • DSG Research Seminars: Logic and Programming Languages

    Speaker: Blair Archibald, University of Glasgow

    Time and location: 14:15, Wednesday 22nd November, EM 1.70.


    Tree search problems are everywhere, from exploring mathematical objects and
    scheduling factories to making the most effective drugs possible. While these
    problems, in essence, lend themselves well to parallelsim, often this is done on
    a per-application or per-instance basis. Given the importance of such problems
    we advocate a more general approach: leveraging parallel algorithmic skeletons
    for cross platform, cross domain implementations.

    This talk gives an general overview of tree search problems and methods for
    parallelising them, including a look at two implementations, one in Haskell and
    one in C++, that provide application independent parallel tree search using
    custom work stealing schedulers coupled with parallel algorithmic